Our history, from New Orleans to Vietnam



The "PJ" in our name stands for Phillis Jordan, out founder who opened her first coffee house over three decades ago in New Orleans, USA. She's a pioneers of gourment coffee -her idea was to create unique coffee blends and roast the beans in small batches the same way we sill do it in our roasting facility in the US.


New Orleans, Louisiana is the home of PJ's Coffee. Coffee first arrived in 1720 when French Explorers introduced it to the ciry. Today, one third of all the coffee in North America arrives first on the docks of the Crescent City. New Orleans is the coffee capital of the USA and the largest coffee roasting plant in the world is located there



Since 1978, well before the coffeee craze, the first PJ's coffee opended on Maple Street. Ever since, PJ's has been mastering the art of roasting every bean to bring out its unique aroma and flavor. Early on customers sought out coffee they knew had been roasted by hand in small batches.




Rick Yvanovich being an expat, grew a love of Vietnamese coffee "cà phê sữa đá" and after 25 years if drinking it whilst linving and building his business in Vietnam and around the region. He thought that the quality and styles of international coffee
coming into Viet Nam, were not the greates and whle they might be trendy, they did not match Vietnamese "tastes" or educate the Vietnamese consumer about coffee or create a unique coffee experience.

True to his enterpreneurial spirit, Rick found and fell in love with PJ's Coffee of New Orleans. New Orleans has a hot and sticky climate that is similar to Vietnam, a history, culture and gastronomy that are French inspired, with warm and friendly people.
Rick thought PJ's coffee would be perfect for the Vietnamese consumer and decided to bring PJ's to Vietnam, where we today mix Vietnamese, American and French tastes to create a unique coffee experience for you.